Take a behind-the-scenes look at NanoLumens‘ installation at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport HERE!

Few public places cause as much stress and confusion as airports. Thousands of travelers race against the clock daily to get to their destination, often in unfamiliar terminals. Communication is paramount in the airport environment, and increasingly, Pro AV solutions are helping ease the stress of travel.

Refik Anadol, Director and Media Artist at Refik Anadol Studio, captured the above video of his firm’s media work at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Pro AV solutions provider NanoLumens produced the LED media walls.

“INTERCONNECTED is a digital artwork that dramatically portrays the hidden troves of operational data at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) as an ever-changing suite of abstract form, color, and simulated texture,” Refik Anadol said on LinkedIn. “The data feeds that drive the artwork include global and regional air-traffic tracking software, airline flight information (arrivals/departures), baggage handling systems, and parking and ground shuttle transportation throughout the airport campus.”

The blend of art with critical communication capabilities allows airports to provide passengers with the information they need. It also provides an opportunity for airports to set a calming presence throughout their halls, and keep content fresh.

“The artwork is synchronized and displayed across three high-definition architectural LED Media Walls in addition to a series of programmable LED ribbons embedded into the architecture of Concourse A,” Anadol added.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport serves more than 44.4 million travelers per year, according to Anadol. The airport ranks among the 10 busiest airports in the world, averaging 1,400 aircraft operations per day.

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