Rigging Points: Charlotte Airport Transforms Traveler Experience

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Airports are not known for their entertainment options or stimulating offerings. Often, it is the last place travelers want to spend time. Increasingly though, airports are taking the initiative to improve their experience and make traveling more enjoyable.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport recently called on AV solutions provider Cenero to beautify one of its terminals and to make important information more easily visible.

Cenero partnered with NanoLumens, which used its ENGAGE and Performance Series video walls on the project. Digital artist Refik Anadol was chosen as the creative designer.

The installation was a part of an expansion to concourse A, a new part of the airport.

The project includes a 10-foot high and 140 foot long LED wall, as well as a pair of 40-foot video walls, according to a press release.

“The goal here was to seamlessly integrate digital artwork that reflects the movement and traffic of the airport, essentially the airport’s data culture, into the architecture of the new concourse,” Frank Milensky, of Cenero, said. “This install isn’t merely about displaying content, it’s about changing the entire passenger experience at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.”

“The art is described as dynamic abstract visualization, turning operational data from the airport such as arrivals, departures, destinations, baggage claim and more into abstract form, color and simulated texture that moves across the screens,” said the press release.

Cenero said it approached the video wall installation as a fusion of technology, art, and design.

According to NanoLumens, the completion of the nine-gate, 229,807 square-foot terminal is the first in the ‘Destination CLT’ initiative. The project was part a $2.5 billion program to renovate several aspects of the airport, expanding beyond technology and digital signage.

The video walls will not only provide an aesthetic improvement to the terminal and its walkways, but allow for a more digestible display of critical information such as flight updates, way-finding and security instructions.

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