On our Pro AV Podcast, we often talk about exciting, innovating or challenging new technology that’s entering the industry. It can be difficult to keep up, too; things move at break-neck speed. What we wanted to do this time around was explore how one of these exciting innovations, i.e. huddle rooms and the tech that powers them, is affecting each of the main roles within Pro AV: the manufacturers, the manufacturer reps, and the integrators.

How are manufacturers training their workforce to stay updated with the best tech? How are the representatives learning to best sell potential clients on the social power of a huddle room? How are integrators learning to work with the design limitations of each respective business? We’re joined by Nelson Solares, Sales Executive for Contemporary Research, to break down these changes and why huddle rooms present both unique challenges and reliefs. “As an integrator, you need to be a good listener and know all the technologies out there, the different manufacturers that might be doing the same thing,” Solares said.

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