How to Elevate Your Event Design with AV Production Services

Whether it’s a corporate product launch, live concert, or a 50th birthday bash, planning an event has many intricate pieces that must seamlessly fit together. Even when you have all the parts sorted, sometimes events miss the mark and leave attendees bored, dazed or distracted. To avoid this outcome, you need an event that reaches new heights through enriched engagement with mood-setting lighting, interactive activities, amped-up sound, high-quality video content and more.

To elevate your event, a production services partner that has the experience, the know-how and the best gear from industry-leading manufacturers, will ensure that your event not only wows the audience, but has them talking about it for months.

Event Elevating Elements

There are many AV technology elements that can elevate an event and create a memorable experience. From concept and design, all the way through gear specification and event execution, the event specialists at Elite Multimedia create complete 360˚ event production solutions, guiding you every step of the way to develop unforgettable, one-of-a-kind events that take attendees and guests to the next level. We provide a cohesive design that includes everything from staging, set, lighting and video elements–both on the stage and around the main session venue—complemented by flawless coordination and execution…pre-show, on-site and post-show.


When creativity matters (and at an event, creativity is the difference between dull and invigorating), Elite has a wide variety of scenic set pieces, set carts, soft goods and staging that will set your event apart. Our easy load-in and load-out rigging equipment—from pre-rig and specialty trussing to motorized mechanisms and more—ensures events run effortlessly, efficiently and safely.


Illuminating the stage, setting the mood, and providing artistic ambiance brings vibrant interest to a highlighted venue. This drives the audience’s emotion and focus throughout an event. Backed by industry-leading service, support and training, Elite’s techs keep our professional lighting gear in tip-top shape to guarantee your event outshines the rest. And as advancements in lighting continue to hit the market, more fixtures can be utilized to boost the creative factor.


Often the most important components of any event are spoken. However, garbled speeches over tinny speakers mean that your message isn’t being heard. Clear audio and heart-pumping sound are only possible with the right equipment and techs to assure overall sound and tonal quality. Elite’s top tier audio support provides maximum auditory coverage, ensuring each guest understands and retains the event message.

High-Definition Video and Projection Mapping, IMAG, etc.

With Elite’s vast inventory of cameras, switching, projection, recording and media server equipment, we can help heighten your presentation to a whole new level. Our IMAG gear can make every attendee feel up close and personal, enhancing their experience with live video to screen, advertisements, and presentations from guest speakers. Utilizing Projection Mapping allows the entire venue to become your canvas. Immerse your audience in anything from an underwater panorama to a serene wilderness escape.

LED Walls

Rapidly becoming the focal point of events, high-resolution LED walls and modular displays can be arranged in a variety of ways to create interesting displays to support the event’s message and capture the audience’s attention. With Elite’s vast array of LED video tiles and products, we have the right pitch, size, shape, and configuration you need to create compelling imagery and digital works of art that enthrall attendees.

Digital Signage

In today’s modern world, static signage is a thing of the past. From wayfinding to real-time agendas to sponsor advertisements, digital signage technology can provide event-goers with crucial information, ensuring they’re in the right place at the right time. Elite’s comprehensive inventory of TV’s, touch screen monitors, self-contained LED stands and large format LED video wall solutions spread the word, sharing vital event information at key points throughout a venue.

Responsive Touchscreen Displays & Other Interactive Elements

Want to increase attendee engagement? Want to draw more people to a booth or event focal point? With a multitude of applications to use across numerous types of displays, interactive touchscreens and other elements involve guests through touch, providing a collaborative experience that allows them to guide their own event journey at their own pace.

Why Elite Multimedia?

At Elite Multimedia, we just don’t provide event gear—we provide 360˚ event production solutions. We help you imagine what your event could be, then work with you to hone that vision into reality, providing design plots, visual renderings and technical documentation that helps you visualize the objective. Once the design is primed, we provide the gear and rigging, setting both the stage and venue, while coordinating the entire event, to ensure smooth operations from beginning to end, allowing you to focus on guests and more productive tasks.

Backed by unparalleled attention to detail, state-of-the-art equipment from leading manufacturers like PixelFLEX, and over a century’s worth of combined experience and understanding of pairing AV technologies to any vision, Elite Multimedia is your one-stop-shop for event production services. To learn more, check out Elite’s event production services.

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