On this episode of Noise Reduction, a MarketScale pro audio podcast, host Collyer Spreen shared some insights regarding turning the recent remote-work and stay-at-home requirements brought on by the spread of COVID-19 into a positive for both yourself and your career.

In particular, Spreen said this extended period of working from home could provide key opportunities to tackle personal projects you’ve been putting off for a while, as you’ll likely have increased time for those projects.

“We find ourselves with lots of time on our hands,” he said. “And if you’ve got your workstation at home or you have access to it, now’s a great time to do a lot of things that we’ve all been putting off.”

This could mean starting on that long-shoved-aside personal project, yes, but Spreen also said it’s a great time for some more mundane tasks, like “housekeeping.” If you’ve gotten in the habit of simply throwing things wherever on your computer is convenient and allows you to work the fastest, slowdowns like this provide a key opportunity to get everything in order and work toward better organization.

“If you clean it up, you’ll know where everything is, right? It makes sense,” he said.
Other tasks to tackle during this period include critical updates to software and more, exploring features and capabilities of the software you’re already familiar with, and experimenting with your workflow to see if you can become more efficient for when work picks up down the road.
In a similar vein, Spreen also said to keep your skills sharp and to stay prepared for the eventual spike in demand that’s likely to follow this period of uncertainty.

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Noise Reduction with Collyer Spreen

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