Icom Partners with EPCOM for Expansion in the US Market

October 13, 2023


In the rapidly evolving world of radio communication, partnerships are essential to foster growth and meet the increasing market demands. Recently, Icom America announced its collaboration with EPCOM, aiming to expand its reach across the US.

The video discussion features Jim Hanshaw, South Central Territory Manager at Icom; Mario Lopez, a Branch Manager at EPCOM; Omar Kheir, the Chief Operating Officer at EPCOM; Louis Chavez from the EPCOM Sales Team; and April Rodriguez, a National Sales Manager at EPCOM. The team gathers at EPCOM’s newest location in San Antonio, showcasing the vast warehouse stocked with diverse products, from IT and networking gear to video surveillance equipment and, notably, Icom products.

Jim Hanshaw expresses his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the potential of the San Antonio facility. Mario Lopez discusses the company’s ambitions to explore the radio market in Texas. Omar Kheir highlights Epcom’s goal to become Icom’s primary distributor in the US, boasting about their same-day shipping for over 99% of their orders. Louis Chavez and April Rodriguez both emphasize their commitment to Icom and shared vision for US market growth. The overarching message is clear: this partnership will redefine radio communication distribution in the US.

Article by James Kent

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