Radio Communication on the Jersey Shore

August 4, 2023
James Kent


After a little gym, tan, and laundry, Icom hit the Jersey Shore to find out how it uses communications to keep its beaches safe and visitors happy.

At the heart of Point Pleasant Beach, a vibrant gem on the Jersey Shore lies a robust communication system that ensures the safety and satisfaction of its visitors. The lifeguards and beach staff members at this bustling destination rely heavily on two-way radio communications, a testament to its efficiency and reliability. From coordinating umbrella rentals to ensuring beachgoer safety, these radios are the lifeline keeping beach operations running smoothly.

Amidst the sun, sand, and surf, the Icom F2100D radio is an exceptional choice. Its rugged, waterproof design, full five watts of power, and enhanced digital capabilities ensure superior audio quality and security, making it an indispensable tool for the beach staff. This powerful device, coupled with the picturesque backdrop of Point Pleasant Beach, truly captures the spirit of the Jersey Shore.

Whether by land, air, or sea, Icom knows how to communicate.

Article by James Kent

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