Iconic London landmark “Piccadilly Lights” gets a makeover!

Since 1908, Piccadilly Lights has rivaled advertising spaces like Times Square with vibrant, revolutionary, and cutting edge displays. After a 9 month renovation, the lights are on again. Combining advances in LED, rotating displays, and recognition technology have brought the display into the 21st century without sacrificing its roots. The refurbishment focused on combining the six separate screens into one more powerful, flexible one without giving up Piccadilly’s iconic curved shape. Utilizing longtime partner Daktronics’ 8mm LED outdoor display, Piccadilly Lights installed over 6,000 modules to make the 4K ultra HD display. Multiple network and PC redundancies maintain an uninterrupted rotation of the brands on display. Recognition technology targets advertising based on data associated with cars detected nearby. This project reinforces the idea that we need to push the boundaries even more in conjunction with brands in iconic locations to present tailored, contextual, relevant and innovative campaigns.

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