The labyrinth that was the ISE 2019 show floor had something for everyone. Business relationships were formed, discoveries were made and as our own Tyler Kern found out, much fun was had.

Tyler spoke with people across all aspects of the Pro AV profession and some who were just there to take in all the show had to offer. Still, Tyler found time to go bowling.

Projection mapping was a key theme to this year’s show. It was evident to those within the convention center’s walls, but also to anyone who passed by the Amsterdam RAI Hotel during the event. The building’s façade was the canvas to a massive AV display during the evenings.

Experiential products also shined at ISE this year. With applications in many industries, interactive AV displays like the Epson Vortex captured people’s attention. Tyler took a tour through several of these exhibits and got the details behind their development and use cases.

If you missed ISE 2019 make sure to check out all our live coverage from the event and learn a little about Amsterdam in the process!

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