Recently at the ever-popular AV event ISE 2018, Commercial Integrator conducted a survey stating that a surprising 80% of integrators have compiled some version or another of a global business strategy. In fact, more than half of the participants stated that they value partnerships heavily, especially if it’s with another integrator considering it would benefit their strategy greatly when it comes to business outside the states.

With groups like Global AV Partnership and PSNI Global Alliance, it has never been more crucial to cultivate these partnerships as it gives the opportunity to be brought into new geographical territories of the market. One respondent of this survey answered saying, “while we don’t seek out global work, there are times it’s required for U.S. clients with offices abroad.” So, regardless of if you intend to do business outside the states or not, it’s evident that if you lack a global business strategy, then you miss out on a ton of opportunity for growth.