AV system technology has been stagnant for quite a few years. That is, until QuickSilverTM by Mad Systems came along and disrupted the status quo! QuickSilverTM provides optional controls previously unavailable in an audiovisual solution—Facial and Color Recognition—bringing the future of AV to personal media delivery. Including both QuickSilver and LookingGlass Concierge, this suite of programs is designed to allow full integration of Recognition options utilizing a variety of state-of-the-art sensors and devices to personalize visitor experiences.

Video wall, solution.
Bringing the future of AV to personal media delivery.

 QuickSilver: Evolving AV Via Customized Recognition

With content tailored toward either the group or the individual, QuickSilver features overall affordability, wireless media updates and controls, and flexible wireless on demand power management. The non-proprietary hardware-based components include a central control system connected to Wi-Fi, and micro-miniature features controlled via button interface. The QuickSilver™ solution allows you to customize media content to each of your visitors, using a variety of trigger methods including time-of-day scheduling, buttons, RFID, wristbands, infrared technology, phones, tablets, as well as our patent pending Facial Recognition and Color Recognition systems.

LookingGlass Concierge: Ushering In a New Age of AV Identity Detection

People in line, amusement park.
Without prompting, interactive exhibits recognize kids, or visitors in wheel chairs, and lower the buttons on the touch screen to make access easier

But that’s not all. With LookingGlass Concierge, Mad Systems has taken their recognition systems even further. This unique patent pending system will change the visitor experience at museums, theme parks, stadiums, fairgrounds, and a host of other venues. LookingGlass uses identity detection capabilities to recognize visitors and link multiple people such as families, friends, students, or clubs as a connected group. If members of the group are separated, this connection allows them to locate one another onsite while also decreasing the likelihood of children leaving venues with unwanted adults or being left behind by their parents. Further, among other impressive features, this concierge program provides traffic control, wayfinding, and event management, facilitates membership usage and privileges, and helps owners remain ADA compliant while increasing revenue.

Audiovisual systems and interactive technology allow visitors to fully engage themselves in an experience. These tools stimulate the senses, not only helping create long-lasting sensory memories to share for years to come but encouraging visitors to return time and again.

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