MarketScale Overseas at ISE: Day Two in Amsterdam Brings a New Meaning to Interactive Displays


On Day 2 of ISE, MarketScale was back on the show floor seeking out some of the most captivating and interactive displays. There is a natural diversity of products among the 1,300 exhibitors and Tyler Kern sifted through the halls to learn more about the technology that drives these products.

Dave Howden, Director of Technical Services, Community Professional Loudspeakers

Community Professional Loudspeakers brought an array of diverse speakers to ISE this year including its ‘Engineered’, ‘Distributed’, and ‘Outdoor’ series’. Howden explained the need for different speakers in different settings, including houses of worship where intelligibility can be tough due to high reverberation.

“The choir sounds great, the organ sounds great, boy, a lot of these places if you want good intelligible speech the E Series is one that you want to have at the top of your list,” Howden said.

Kevin Bateman, Technical Support Manager, Hitachi Digital Media

Hitachi has one of the most interactive and visually stunning booths at the show. The multi-faceted Pro AV provider showed off a virtual bowling alley with a combination of projectors, sensors and a physical ball and lane.

“There’s a bank of infrared sensors just above where the ball will land, so the sensors are broken and when the ball goes through and breaks that sensor it’s linked to some software so it can tell where the ball is. So then, it replicates that on the screen,” Bateman said.

Luke Williams, Crucial FX, Technical Innovation Specialist

Crucial FX also had a stunning display generated by 16 projectors. The company partnered with Epson to create the ‘Vortex’, a tunnel-like walkway with a changing environment. Williams noted that the Vortex is a response to the demand for more interaction and experiential moments for retailers and other businesses.

“3D projection has been around for a short while now but experiences like this where you’re able to interact and change the environment around you, that’s really exciting and hopefully we can be at the forefront of that,” Williams said.

Michael Groszewski, Sales Manager, Valo Motion

Finland-based Valo Motion is getting people active with their motion sensor cameras and projectors. The company brought its trampoline game platform where users are tracked and an image of themselves, not a digital avatar, is projected onto a screen. The users then attempt to accomplish goals like a video game.

“It’s incredible how technology has helped projection, how everything improves from year to year. So, pretty much the camera is getting more precise, the algorithms are getting more precise so it gives us much more possibilities to develop games which wouldn’t have been possible still a year ago or two years ago,” Groszewski said.

Tomorrow MarketScale will be back at ISE to wrap up the show. Tyler will interview several more industry professionals behind this year’s best products and booths to learn about the technology that powers them.

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