MarketScale Pro AV 12/14/18: Lights, Sound, Art

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After weeks of this show growing in scope, we wanted this week’s episode of the MarketScale Pro AV Show to hit on every aspect of the Pro AV industry. We’re exploring Lights, Sound, and Art, the progression of how both sides of AV come together to create brilliant structures and content you can’t ignore. Let’s break it down. With light, we take a look at advances in stage lighting, both in application and technology, that are acheiving richer aesthetics. For sound, we profile a young and successful entrepreneur who went from creating headphones for silent discos to fighting the issue of social isolation among the senior community. And for art, we get a deeper look at an article on MarketScale Pro AV that paints a future for smart cities where digital signage is more than just functional; it’s art.


Light, sound, art. Let’s start with the light. MarketScale host Elmer Guardado explores how important lighting can be, not only in a work environment, but an entertainment one as well. Something as simple as good lighting can increase productivity, keep people at hotels longer, immerse them into live events, and even promote healthier body functions.

Stage lighting in particular has remained stagnant for decades, but now with the advent and affordability of LEDs, we’re starting to see new possibilities on stage. Brandon Wardell, professional lighting/scenic designer and assistant professor of lighting design at Northern Illinois University’s School of Theatre and Dance, joined us to explain how this evolution has affected the theater landscape. Brandon also thinks back on specific use cases that exemplify the industry’s progress and about how the approach to teaching lighting design has completely evolved. Let’s get some insight on how commoditization of LED has changed lighting design for the better.


Now for sound. For this feature, we brought back an old sub-brand, Wildfire: the B2B Under-30 Podcast. With Wildfire, we interviewed the best and brightest young stars staking their claim and leading the way in their industries. Who better to profile for their determination and leadership than Forbes 30 Under 30 Matt Reiners, co-founder and VP of Eversound. He breaks down his personal passions and journey within Pro AV, detailing:

  1. How the company went from facilitating silent discos to providing listening devices for senior citizens.
  2. Why social isolation is such a big deal at senior living facilities and how Eversound is trying to fight that.
  3. Testimonials that show how Eversound is changing lives.


Finally, we end with art. Most major cities have a strategic vision to become smart cities. In a smart city, technology fuels growth and plays a role in managing the flow of people; cities are becoming very aware that they need to use technology to impart information to both tourists and locals alike. Smart technology is already part of many people’s daily lives, and it is usually in the form of digital signage.

That digital signage can be more than just functional though. It can inspire. It can be art. MarketScale contributor Beth Osborne reveals more insight from her article on MarketScale Pro AV, Digital Signage Plays Key Role in City “Smart” Evolution, spoke with us about how trends like interactive and personalized content (via the use of beacons and IoT devices) are changing the way people move in and interact with their environments. This is particularly true in business locations, where interior design can now change on the fly thanks to LED boards. The future is bright. Pun intended.


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