NAB® Show is coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center April 7-12. Historically the premier event for the media, entertainment, and technology industry, this year’s show will not disappoint! NAB attracts professionals from a diversity of industries and provides a gathering place for the global content community. Kevin Collins of Diversified AV recently spoke about what makes NAB® special in the context of an era of such explosive innovation.

Kevin Collins President of Diversified AV, is always eager to participate in NAB®. He describes it as a “unique platform” for an immersive look at “demonstrations of very complex media workflows, or conversely, product comparisons” in an event in which “people and ideas come together to drive the future.”

The show offers on-floor demonstrations, product showcases, and educational opportunities related to a diversity of products and technologies. Kevin explained that the best part, for him, however, is the opportunity to greet customers and help them understand how Diversified can offer support in the way of services and technology. He added that IP media distribution, AI, and Data Analytics are the most exciting technologies in the industry at the moment.

With positive innovation today and in the future, it is hard to narrow down those that are the most critical or impactful. When asked which content platforms he anticipates exploring at NAB® 2018, he stated that data analytics and IP Q6 would be the technologies to watch. And as far as predicting the future, Kevin explained his vision as follows: “The technologies are all merging to where solutions are very network driven (COTS). We are moving away from custom bespoke hardware to large bandwidth networks that are platforms for applications.”

2018 is shaping up to be a successful year for NAB® and Diversified. To learn more about both, visit them online at the Diversified and NAB® websites.