Malls all over Australia are getting a facelift. NanoLumens LED displays are being installed by Digital Place Solutions (DPS) in three major shopping centers in Melbourne, Darwin, and Sydney. Suspended from the ceiling and from the walls, the brilliant colors and relevant info, such as news and live TV, stop many shoppers in their tracks. 

The lightweight and minimal additional support or infrastructure makes NanoLumens ideal for large, open spaces like malls. Conventional walls often require extra support and offer a subpar image. The biggest displays average 22 ft by 12.5 ft and present exciting content for shoppers while streaming in advertisement revenue for shopping centers. 

These three most recent displays are a small sample of what’s happening in this market, making key areas like food courts and lobbies more engaging for customers and more profitable for shopping centers. DPS and NanoLumens continue to be excited by the success of their partnership and looks forward to future collaborations.