NanoLumens Pairs with Loupe to Bring Art to LED

NanoLumens® has paired with Loupe to provide streaming contemporary art through NanoLumens’ AWARE™ app store. Now NanoLumens customers can stream Loupe’s art portfolio, varying what they see based on season, location, or for special events. And they can do so at a much lower price than traditional rates.
Loupe provides exposure for many contemporary artists through their streaming service. They allow you to choose a large number of artworks to stream, to create your own catalogue for your own purposes, and will even allow you to purchase prints and even original pieces you like to become a more permanent part of your décor. Whether you seek beauty, provocation, or ambiance, Loupe has the artwork to fulfill your needs, moods, and interests.
NanoLumens provides scalable, mass-customized LED screens for indoors and outdoors, for every size and purpose, from flat to curved. These screens provide the perfect pitch and resolution to display the kind of art Loupe will stream for you, emphasizing the details as only NanoLumens LED screens can do. And with the AWARE app, a cloud-based, hardware-enabled LCD management Software-as-a-service display management platform, you will have easy access to a wide variety of visual options—including, of course Loupe streaming art.
From airports to transit terminals and corporate lobbies, the NanoLumens-Loupe partnership provides an art solution that keeps things fresh. While an original piece of art can stay on the walls for years or even decades, giving customers the same view every time they come to see you, streaming art from Loupe, displayed on your NanoLumens LED screens, will keep your audience interested—and perhaps even coming back a little more, just to see what will be on the screen this time.
The NanoLumens-Loupe partnership is a perfect match, providing customers with the kind of content quality artistic content designed to put them in just the right mood, grab people’s attention, or even hold them in awe.

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