InfoComm 2018 put a heavy emphasis on user experience. This was easy to see with interactive games and technologies like drones, but the theme also applies to practical business solutions. No longer is it a luxury to have smart technology, it has become a necessity and Oblong Industries’ Mezzanine series of smart boards is designed to bring meetings and presentations to life, not only for those in the room but people brought in to the conference outside the office.

Paul Sprague, Director of Sales Engineering for Oblong Industries, was able to give MarketScale a walkthrough of the Mezzanine 600 last Thursday.

This content collaboration platform features six screens with video content integrated into the system. Able to accommodate ten devices for sharing into this space on multiple screens, the Mezzanine 600 is a powerful collaboration tool.

The user can move fluidly from board to board and display different windows as if the screens were one blank canvas. This allows for customization and presentation that traditional monitors or boards cannot achieve.

Sharing content via a gestural wand, companies can network with other walls and other locations, from Los Angeles to Chicago or anywhere in the world, and all the content is mirrored and shared to all locations simultaneously. This ability to meet and consume content remotely and in real time is transforming communication internationally.