Off-The-Shelf Custom Mounting Solutions for Mass Rollouts

Video walls can turn any space into a dynamic experience. While choosing the type of displays, whether LED or LCD, is part of a successful installation, just as important are the mounting solutions. Many factors can impact how the screens should integrate with mounting gear. With a breadth of selection, it’s possible to use off-the-shelf products as well as custom, depending on factors like vantage point, size restrictions, building codes, and angling. Here are some things to consider when evaluating off-the-shelf custom mounting solutions.

Not all custom mounting solutions are created equal

Mounting decisions are often a collaboration between the integrator, mounting provider, customer, and screen manufacturer. While manufacturers like Samsung, Planar, Leyard, Absen, and Daktronics may have comparable displays by size and function, there are still differences. Seasoned mounting providers understand these variations and address them accordingly. Look for a mount expert that offers off-the-shelf options as well as the ability to customize anything outside of the norm. For example, a large video wall may be desired in a space that does not have a wall surface capable of supporting the weight. The solution may be a custom structure using off-the-shelf mounts.

Target launches beauty digital signage concept with scalable mounting solution

Target is one of the most advanced end users of digital signage and AV displays in the country. The retailer is currently testing new beauty floor pads in 30 of its stores. As they roll this concept out to their other stores, Target is looking for a solution that is reliable, predictable, scalable, and affordable. The company plans to meet these goals by staying within the installer community already using this technology to provide an off-the-shelf solution.

“If we do things nationally, like we do at Target, we know how the national integrators are structured,” says Tom Schneider, Lead Designer, Interactive Experience, Store Design, at Target. “Our top mounting solutions partner, Premier Mounts, knew the resources we had access to. That’s key: a mounting solutions provider that already has a great knowledge of, and relationship with, all the top AV integrators and also all the top display manufacturers, so that they act as your design and installation consultant.” Schneider adds, “Key to us is the Premier Dedicated Solutions Business unit (PDS) that gives us that added confidence that we’re not just doing ‘solve-one-location custom’ but engineering and planning for efficiency and scale.”

Do More with Off-the-Shelf and Custom

PDS can provide custom mounting solutions for both LED and LCD video walls, with a combination of off-the-shelf options and customization. This comprehensive capability means we can provide shorter lead times for large scale video walls, while still maintaining top quality. It also gives us the ability to scale for mass rollouts and multi-site deployments by creating repeatable solutions at scale. This results in a lower total cost of ownership, improved lead times, and faster installation, resulting in a win for OEMs, integrators, designers, and end users.

PDS has more than 30 designs for 20+ LED OEMs. For less custom projects, you can find the best in stock mounting solutions from Premier Mounts. Get inspired by browsing some of our favorite projects.


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