Opening the Mike Carter Athletic Center at Oral Roberts University

July 7, 2023

Oral Roberts University (ORU) has experienced a remarkable resurgence in its athletic programs, but the need for modernized facilities became apparent. With outdated weight rooms and academic centers, ORU’s student-athletes were lacking the resources necessary to compete on a national level. Recognizing the urgency, a collaborative effort was initiated between ORU, Carousel, and Phillips to develop an exceptional solution – the Mike Carter Athletic Center.

ORU’s vision for a state-of-the-art facility began long before their memorable Sweet 16 run. Extensive planning, drafting, and fundraising efforts were set in motion to construct a training center that would meet all the program’s needs. Phillips, renowned for its audiovisual expertise, was approached to provide the ideal technology solutions. Working closely with ORU and Carousel, Phillips’ teams meticulously assessed the requirements and crafted a tailored proposal.

Prior to attending InfoComm, Ron, in charge of ORU’s facilities, engaged in detailed conversations about the desired technology features. Carousel played a crucial role in guiding Ron through various booths, introducing him to potential providers. Unlike simply promoting a specific brand, Carousel focused on selling a comprehensive solution. When Ron arrived at the Phillips booth, the team prioritized his preferences and needs, ensuring a customized approach.

Initially drawn to Phillips for digital signage displays, ORU’s team was captivated when shown the construction and design of their panels. The exceptional quality and durability of the products convinced ORU of their excellence. From the beginning, Phillips demonstrated their commitment to a successful installation, clearly outlining project milestones and maintaining open communication channels with both ORU and Carousel.

The seamless teamwork between Phillips, ORU, Carousel, and the project manager was crucial to the project’s triumph. Regular meetings ensured everyone was aligned regarding requirements, timelines, and progress updates. Thanks to this collaborative approach, the installation process was incredibly smooth and efficient, far surpassing expectations. The meticulous planning paid off, resulting in a flawless two-day installation instead of the projected four.

Walking into the Mike Carter Athletic Center is now a truly breathtaking experience. Striking light bars, a backlit eagle logo, and expansive branding opportunities captivate student-athletes, fans, and donors alike. The centerpiece is an impressive LED wall, showcasing the ORU brand and delivering dynamic messaging. The facility’s transformation is truly remarkable, with every detail thoughtfully designed.

Phillips’ LED solutions have revolutionized ORU’s athletic facilities, providing an immersive environment that embodies the university’s spirit and pride. The collaboration between ORU, Carousel, and Phillips has set a new standard for excellence in training centers, leaving a lasting impact on the student-athletes and the entire ORU community.

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