Over Price and Tech, Clients Want Outstanding Service, with David Privitera of Baker Audio Visual

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On today’s Pro AV podcast, we are joined by David Privitera, Director of Managed Services for Baker Audio Visual. His mission is to design, build and support, no matter the price point or AV need. Privitera said clients are looking for a solution, not a toy.

“They’re investing in a process, not the actual equipment itself,” Privitera said. “The equipment should be a means to that process, and the process is how do we build better communication between our departments, how may we deliver better information to our executive team, how do we communicate better with our customers.”

Privitera knows that implementing the technology is not the end of the job, though.

“If equipment is not being maintained effectively, you’re just gonna have repeat failures and when that happens you start getting that bad taste in your mouth,” he said.

Privitera breaks down what clients should be looking for when balancing tech and price, how providers can educate their clients regardless of the revenue model, and why the core of the issue always leads back to quality of service.

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