QuickSilver®️ is Mad System’s cutting-edge facial and color recognition-powered AV system for individual and crowd personalization. What better way to learn the inside story on QuickSilver®️’s development than to hear it straight from one of the key engineers behind its R&D, Serguei Kozlovski?

Kozlovski, a Mad Systems engineer for 16 years, was joined by Tricia Rodriguez, CEO and overseer of marketing initiatives for Mad Systems, to provide some additional context and insights about the QuickSilver®️ solution.

“I’m so excited to talk about QuickSilver®️ and our patents,” Rodriguez said. “[I’m excited to make] sure everybody understands how it works and how they can use it and the benefits the end-user gets. It’s a really neat and cool direction for everyone to start considering. Personalizing everyone’s experience, I would imagine, should be a top priority; making sure visitors get what they want and need out of their visit.”

QuickSilver®️ connects multiple AV devices and integrates them to solve a variety of needs. Kozlovski said the most important part to remember about the QuickSilver®️ infrastructure is its use of Wi-Fi. Utilizing wireless communication allows connection between different QuickSilver®️ components and other AV systems without cables or additional equipment upgrades.

“Our wifi solution is based on a scalable industrial Wi-Fi called WLan,” Kozlovski said.

Solving the connectivity issue was necessary, and, once solved, Kozlovski knew they had a winning system that could save customers money.

Some patents about to come out will open up new possibilities for the QuickSilver®️ system. The patent focuses on recognition-based media delivery. With the patent, businesses interested in recognition technology applications can work with Mad Systems to integrate QuickSilver®️ into many new AV solutions.

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