Radio Ensures Safety First in the High-Stakes Game of Offshore Racing

February 13, 2024
Ray Novak


This episode of the “Radios in Action” podcast delves into the world of P1 Offshore Racing. Ray Novak, the Senior Sales manager at Icom dives deep with Michelle Petro, the Director of Operations at P1 Offshore Racing, and Dale Owens, who oversees radio communications for the organization on the show.

They explore how critical radio communication is to the coordination and safety of these high-speed powerboat races. The conversation highlights the logistical challenges and the detailed planning required to manage the races, emphasizing the importance of clear communication among racers, support teams, and rescue units to ensure both the smooth execution of events and the protection of marine life.

This episode sheds light on the behind-the-scenes efforts that make the thrilling spectacle of offshore racing possible, celebrating the skilled individuals who keep the races safe and organized.

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