Broadsign believes in a world where digital and real-life experiences collide. Where bold creativity inspires bright ideas. We were fortunate to sit down with Broadsign COO, Jean Beaudry, at DSE 2018 to talk about his organization’s experience at the show and get a peek at the company’s latest innovations. Beaudry described how DSE excites him because it is one of only shows in the world that really is dedicated to digital signage. While ISE is a bigger show, it is broader with an emphasis on all things AV, which is a great chance to reach outside the industry. However, DSE really nurtures the digital signage community. Broadsign was showcasing two new products at DSE. Broadsign Reach focuses on programmatic issues. Over 90% of media agencies buy ad space programmatically. Broadsign Reach, an SSP designed to connect DOOH publishers with digital media buyers around the globe, allows clients to sell to direct customers while allocating excess inventory to be bought in real-time by digital media buyers to fill 100% of their ad slots. Also on stage was Broadsign Direct, aimed at sales departments. The platform allows sales people to accurately manage their inventory and create proposals. It lets personnel create preset packages based on audience and network. With its quick response capabilities, retail locations can keep customers interested and engaged, increasing the likelihood of making the sale and garnering repeat business.

Beaudry feels that the industry is in transformation and explained that “the old way of selling is changing, and automation is gaining importance; this is where tools like Reach are really getting traction for full automation of the entire sales process.” He is especially proud to be associated with Broadsign as a company whose team is always growing. He stated that “when we are adding new products, we ae always adding real people working on them, and we are constantly in contact with our clients. Everything we design is based on what our clients need and what problems they need solved.” When asked to describe a key differentiator for the company, he expressed that they are extremely strong in managing large networks, as evidenced by their clientele composed in part of three of the biggest networks in the world.

In closing, Beaudry added, “Its great here for us. We have had some important wins lately and happy to be at DSE for our thirteenth year.”

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