In a recent study, nearly half of NSCA members claim that AV recruiting is indeed the biggest issue they face today. Ironically, half of the NSCA’s total membership group said they had never heard of the Ignite Program, which is designed in recruiting more and more new talent into AV.

Now that it’s been two years since its launch, Ignite even had one committee member states that the AV industry “sucks at marketing ourselves”, which left many listening stunned. Recently, that same Board of Directors approved an initiative geared towards generating interest and participation within the industry amongst the young generation.

However, Executive Director Chuck Wilson stated to Commercial Integrator that, “This puts a real deliverable into the hands of our members. What we’re doing is finally taking action.” So even though things seem to be going the right way, it looks to be that integrators will need to step it up when it comes towards investing in the future.