The market for pro AV products and services has been booming of late. With companies from many different industries looking to utilize pro AV to create memorable and one of a kind experiences, advancements in the world of LED boards and interactive technologies have opened doors to new possibilities.

Today’s show focuses on three areas where the market for AV products are growing rapidly. Brad Grimes, Senior Director of Communications for Avixa, joins the show to talk about the growing demand for AV solutions in the retail and hospitality industries. B.J. McGeever, Media Director at Faith Bible Church in The Woodlands, TX, joins the podcast to detail the changing attitude towards investments in AV equipment for worship services over the last ten years.

InfoComm 2019 Zeroes in on Retail and Hospitality Markets

InfoComm 2019 is taking a special look into the retail and hospitality industries this year. As businesses in these industries have placed an increasing priority on the customer experience, the demand for pro AV products that help deliver those experiences has grown dramatically.

“We do a lot of market research and [retail and hospitality] are two areas where the market for AV products and services is growing faster than others,” says Brad Grimes, Senior Director of Communications for Avixa. He joins the podcast to explain why this decision makes sense for Avixa, the group that runs InfoComm.

“Hospitality companies, whether they’re hotels, restaurants or bars, are using technology to draw customers in and make their locations memorable,” he says. Advancements in the solutions offered by pro AV companies have allowed for creative minds to flourish. From curved LED screens to interactive displays, the options for these industries are endless as they seek to create memorable experiences.

Churches Are Making the Investment in Pro AV

In the past, churches have been synonymous with hollow stone buildings, beautiful in their own right but not technologically advanced by any means. Now, churches are investing heavily in pro AV technology as their worship services are dramatically increasing in production value.

BJ McGeever, Media Director for Faith Bible Church in The Woodlands, Texas, joins the podcast this week to talk about how the general attitude of church leadership towards pro AV has shifted over the years. “Churches are realizing they need to spend money on a professional to run their gear and spend money on the AV gear itself,” he says.

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