Museums play a crucial role in the education of the public, and young minds in particular. However, these institutions now must compete with digitally-captivating forms of entertainment that families can spend their time and money experiencing.

In Philadelphia, the Science History Institute has had digital elements for more than a decade, but as visitors’ expectations changed, the museum failed to keep pace.

Recently, it set out to upgrade its experience by implementing a new media column and a touch-enabled table that allows visitors to directly interact with the exhibit. Electrosonic installed eight HD displays to replace the dated wall as well as create the touchscreen tabletop.

The media column also turns off after business hours, meaning the museum staff does not have to constantly monitor it.

More and more, technology is allowing museum visitors to connect with the exhibits in a memorable and tangible way. Pro AV-enabled content has become a popular means of accomplishing this, keeping museums fresh for new generations’ different expectations.

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