While visiting InfoComm, we came across the Snap AV booth and spoke with Director of Business Development John Litwack about what the company is showcasing this year. While Litwack said Snap AV has exhibited with others in the past, this was their first year exhibiting at InfoComm.

Snap AV is a manufacturer and distributor of 19 brands that cover close to 24 categories of residential and commercial product. It provides infrastructure, including mounts, racks, cable, wire, as well as integrated products such as surveillance, network hardware, IP power products, audio products, and amplifiers.

It is particularly involved in the AV integration market. It’s goal is to help make AV more user-friendly. It does this with a dedication to support customers—corporate and commercial end-users—with optimizing products. For Snap AV, it’s not just about short-term selling and installing products. They want long-term relationships, meaning it’s also about supporting customers, providing them with ongoing service contracts

As for the future of AV, Litwack sees an ongoing convergence of AV and IT, especially as more and more products come onto the network. He also sees an increase in long-term service and support. Litwack says there is, “Definitely an ongoing challenge when it comes to video and audio distribution onto a corporate network.” There are interplays between corporate and AV network, including issues of how those interplay from a performance and service standpoint.

“We definitely have some products to address that,” Litwack said. “It’s definitely going to trend toward the IT side for sure.”

Overall, Litwack sees the mission of Snap AV as helping it’s partners be successful. It does this by paying close attention to things like product complaints and suggestions, and service suggestions. In the end, It is concerned with coming through with a product, service, or support that helps our customers be more successful long-term with its customers.

“Whether that’s easy service and support, products that make installation and stuff better, things that allow them to bring their customers more cost-effective and productive solutions, or just things that make their business easier in general, like shipping policies and good tech support,” Litwack said.