Solar-Powered “eStops” Make Sydney Bus Stops Smarter And More Efficient

Mercury Innovation and Visionect recently partnered to make bus rides in Sydney, Australia far more efficient.

A line of solar-powered, intelligent bus stops were installed around Sydney’s Town Hall, eliminating wasteful and inefficient paper bus schedules. These “eStops” display essential travel information and make emergency notifications a breeze.

For example, bus riders can find data on their route’s arrival and departure times in real time. Seat availability, scheduled servicing, and any other important data is readily available and easy to change. The solar-powered setups are off the power grid, making installation simple even in isolated locations.

Sydney passengers will now never be wondering if their bus is simply late, or if an emergency has cancelled bus service. As one of the world’s busiest cities, Sydney citizens are thrilled to have a stream of important data.

Australia’s Mercury Innovation and European e-paper specialists Visionect collaborated on a similar line of solar powered traffic signs in Sydney in 2016 that have run non-stop since installation, an unprecedented achievement.

Now the question is how this valuable technology can be expanded throughout Sydney and eventually the globe.

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