Spence Diamonds and Reflect Create Brilliance

Spence Diamonds, a leading retailer of diamond jewelry, recently expanded their operations, opening three new concept stores. This is on the heels of the extraordinary success Spence and Reflect enjoyed with their initial store openings in the U.S., including a 2017 DIGI Award for Best Digital Signage in Retail. The new stores are awesome, an evolution based on the successes of Spence’s original entry into the U.S. market. With a new brand image, amazing digital displays, and evocative content, Spence continues to surpass shopper expectations in the jewelry category.

Reflect worked closely with Spence’s CMO, Veeral Rathod, to create a captivating, digitally enhanced customer experience within these three new stores. Rathod and Reflect mapped out a digital approach that combined the best of what made the pilot stores such a success with a focus on the new branding.  The team employed consistent branding and messaging across all online and in-store channels, and incorporated bold new colors and edgier model photography to both intrigue and draw in shoppers.

Providing a one-of-a-kind diamond-buying experience, each of the new locations were outfitted with updated, cutting-edge hardware including vibrant displays that line entire walls. The strategy was to use digital as way to build connections with shoppers throughout each step of their journey – bridal walls, concierge stations, and consulting rooms. Further, Reflect collaborated with Spence’s creative agency, GoDo Discovery Co., to create content for the screens that relay Spence’s brand story. The result is an edgier attitude that attracts modern audiences to these spaces, and seamlessly corresponds with Spence’s new digital presence.

“Throughout this brand evolution, I looked for ways to help customers easily grasp our brand story and points of differentiation. Digital signage was always a critical part of the new store design because it’s proven to be effective at building connections with our shoppers. Reflect has been a fantastic partner throughout this journey. From strategy and content to the digital signage technology, they were critical in helping me and the team optimize the in-store experience,” added Veeral Rathod.

At the Digital Signage Expo next week, Mason Page, EVP of Strategy at Reflect, and Veeral, CMO at Spence Diamonds, will be keynote speakers. They’ll educate the digital signage industry on their technological evolution, the strategy behind the rebranding, and the operational benefits of their signage network. CLICK HERE for more information on their session, ‘Creating a Radiant Shopping Experience’. Reflect will be exhibiting at DSE March 27-28 in Booth #1612.

About Reflect

Reflect is a leading provider of award-winning place-based digital media programs including enterprise-level digital signage, large-scale LEDs, video walls, interactive applications, wayfinding, and more. Reflect was founded in 2001 in Dallas, and has since developed some of the largest place-based digital media networks in North America. Reflect supplies everything brands need, including creative agency services, robust content management and ad trafficking systems, and media sales, all backed by the market-leading ReflectView™ software platform. Visit Reflect at reflectsystems.com, follow us on Twitter at @reflectsystems or find us on FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn.

About Spence Diamonds

Founded in Vancouver B.C., Spence Diamonds has been in the diamond business for 40 years, giving hundreds of thousands of couples the confidence to find the diamond ring that represents their unique partnership. Featuring stores with up to 2,500 engagement ring designs in open display cases for customers to easily try on, the Spence model is built on transparency, choice and customization. Spence’s Gemological Institute of America (GIA)-trained Diamond Consultants offer an industry-leading and unbiased, immersive education about cut, color, clarity, size, setting, and style. Spence is the only diamond retailer to showcase Artisan Created Diamonds™, side by side with earth-mined diamonds, and under a microscope, to offer the most extensive choice and best value. Each Spence ring is custom-made and hand-crafted which means no one else has ever tried it on. Spence has locations throughout Canada in Vancouver, Langley, Calgary, Edmonton, Scarborough, Mississauga, Ottawa and Vaughan as well as locations in the U.S. in Austin, Dallas, Plano, Scottsdale and San Jose.

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