The Good, The Bad, and The Visual

You’ve seen AV Nightmares. You’ve seen AV Goals. As AV professionals know, no two projects are the same and it takes immense attention to detail to integrate a piece of technology into a space seamlessly. The balance of making a display stand out and elevate a space but also blending in naturally is difficult to find and can lead to some good, bad and ugly displays.

Today we sought to highlight the gamut of the AV integration space. Take a look at everything from the eye-popping light displays to the sleek corporate boardroom enhancing devices.

The Good

The ability to transform a boardroom from a stagnant meeting space into an interactive location with connectivity to the outside world shows the power of AV.

Whiteboards are becoming obsolete thanks to the implementation of interactive smart-boards that allow the user to enhance a presentation.

AV can take objects that are falling out of circulation and make them new again. Here, a quintessential English phone booth is transformed into a digital ad space and Wi-Fi hub.

The Bad

A trade show is not the best place for an AV Fail.

I hope the wedding went better than this attempt at an AV installation.

We can’t be sure if this integrator ever finished untangling these wires. He may still be in that room!

Not AV but this is bad…possibly really bad.

Sometimes you have to bring in a little extra muscle to make sure your installation is safe and sound.


The Visual

The use of light reflecting off the pool here makes this display impressive. This is more than an LED board, it is a great example of making the best use of a particular environment. The pool acts as a second display area.

AV sets a tone. For this Audi A8L roll out, lights and colors that compliment the car are used to give off create a carefully crafted impression to the audience.

Projection mapping has a wide array of applications, from art and entertainment to architecture and design.

Sound may be overlooked in the AV world, but a properly outfitted space can make an ordinary experience extraordinary. Everything from the materials that receive the sound to the actual speakers themselves matters and proper execution is required.

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