“Synergy” has become a bit of buzzword, which has the potential to diminish its power and validity. However, in some industries, it grows even more accurate with each successive use.

In Pro AV, the synergy between creativity and innovation is an ever-cyclical loop. On today’s podcast, our host spoke with Rachel Bradshaw, the Director of Program Design for AVIXA.

They discussed the scheduling reality of InfoComm, how technological innovations enable creativity (and creativity spurs innovations), and how eSports is the perfect evolution and creation of a totally new paradigm.

“I think that a lot of artists really view our tools as a medium, like paint, like marble. It’s one more medium for expression of creative ideas,” Bradshaw said. “But, when they find a partner, who themselves is a really creative or innovative AV practitioner, they discover that it’s more. That the creativity inherent in the AV industry empowers them to think in new ways about their own work.”

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