The virtualization of hospital operating rooms is a growing reality in the medical sector, creating unique opportunities as well as challenges, all the while disrupting the medical device industry. Reducing costs and increasing collaboration in the OR are two key imperatives. With virtual capabilities growing, entire departments can be connected and transformed, speaking to both issues. Healthcare reform initiatives are pushing for higher patient satisfaction and overall outcomes, and virtualization supports these goals as well.

Medical Devices are a critical component in every OR. The challenges inherent in designing products of the highest standards demanded by the increasingly complex healthcare regulations is intense. For example, various models of equipment from different companies do not necessarily fit one another and one device company cannot likely serve every subsector of medicine. That’s why it has been important to find solutions designed from the outset as vendor-neutral and vintage-agnostic, which offer hospital leaders potential for valuable cost savings.

Diversified, a leading global technology solutions provider delivering innovative digital media, collaborative, broadcasting, electronic security, and OTT solutions to a global clientele, secured a team of medical subject matter experts and formed a division to focus on the medical market. Its Medical Innovation Group developed the CORIS® Product Family, a vendor-neutral, vintage-agnostic IP-based integration solution architected to integrate with any medical device on the market. These products face head-on the challenges of time-efficiency, connectivity, and cost-effectiveness called for in today’s complex healthcare best practices.

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