What we see is not always the entire story. Traditionally, camera technology has had the same limitations, but cameras on drones are changing that story drastically. On today’s podcast, our host spoke with the Senior Vice President of Sales for Yuneec USA, Frank DeMartin. They discussed how thermal imaging is changing the possible applications for UAVs, the groups that benefit greatly from those advances in technology, and the next level of intelligence for drones.

“It’s like a recipe, right? Follow these instructions… Do exactly this… What’s beginning to happen now, is, we’re introducing artificial intelligence, AI, to have these automated flights become more intelligent,” DeMartin said. “Let’s say for example, the drone is flying the same mission every day and collecting the same data, but since the previous day there’s been an obstacle that’s been put, maybe a crane has been moved into the area that the drone is not aware of. The drone needs to be able to sense that and change it’s mission. So, that’s the thing that I think is really going to be the most impactful.”

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