Today Everyone is a Content Creator. How Can AV Companies Tap into this Market?



  • A new study from Shure & Futuresource shows nearly 40% of people self-identify as content creators.
  • Marketing companies are validating this trend by investing in influencer marketing campaigns, making content creation a viable career path.
  • AV manufacturers have an opportunity to provide resources for a growing pro-sumer audience.


From social media platforms experimenting with different forms of low-barrier short-form content, to companies doubling down on influencer marketing investments this year, it’s never been a better time for anyone to try their hand at creating content. This isn’t just anecdotal, either. Shure & Futuresource’s new study reveal nearly 40% of people identify as content creators, with at least 40 million creating audio content specifically. This, in turn, is dominoing into equipment purchases; 45% of those surveyed have already invested in audio equipment to improve their content quality.

This poses an interesting challenge and opportunity for AV solutions manufacturers. Can they break away from traditional commercial equipment markets to play into a democratization of consistent content creators? And how should AV distributors adjust their marketing strategies, new product development for a pro-sumer audience, and community touchpoints to tap into this growing content creator market? Michael Baran, Founder & Chief Audio Engineer at Racks Stevenson, a collective of music industry engineers, producers and artists curating high quality sample libraries, threw in his thoughts on the persisting trend.

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