No two businesses are the same. The same can be said of business locations. Each physical space has its own unique design, needs, and customer profile. Still, digital signage has found a way to penetrate industry after industry because of the diversity the technology can now offer. From banks to bakeries, there is a reason why so many varied companies are finding a use for the latest products in the Pro AV world.

“It’s not just a shiny object to put marketing and different promotions on. It’s all about grabbing the customer’s attention,” UPShow Co-Founder and CMO Matt Gibbs said.

At DSE 2019 last week in Las Vegas, industry experts gathered to better understand what was driving the Pro AV world forward. What became clear was that there is much more to digital signage than what is inside the physical framework.

“The role of digital signage is really to build brand loyalty and it’s to drive engagement or conversations between customers and the customer service representatives,” Angela Vanderburg, Vice President of Strategy and Research, Financial Services for Stratacache said.

The Data Driving Digital Signage at DSE

What is leading to this rise in brand loyalty and interaction between business and customer is data and analytics that provides a road map for more tailored content and strategy.

“Recognizing a repeat guest, how do we message to them properly in order to get the right menu item in front of them,” Cory Kiesel, Director of Business Development in CSR for Stratacache said.

Artificial intelligence is another way LED boards have gone from static to interactive. The continued development of interactive experiences will change the shopping experience for each individual customer.

“What AI is going to give us the ability to do is continually improve the content that is being delivered and how it’s being delivered,” George Franklin, Manager of Strategic Accounts for Navori said.

Digital Signage Expo 2019 was far more than a Pro AV show. Industries from retail to hospitality and banking are enhancing user experience and gathering the data necessary to improve business practices.

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