With the emergence and pervasiveness of video content being key to AV industry, it’s no surprise businesses know that in order to meet this demand, they need to find the right distribution system to meet their needs.

As Director of Sales at Shoreline Communications, Craig Brown is deeply familiar with these video delivery systems, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. The evolution of video distribution, from RF, to Hybrid to IP, has introduced unique ways each system can enhance sales and customer experience. Sometimes, it’s hard to beat the basics though.

“Usually if a building is already built…there’s likely an RF distribution system already in place,” Brown said.

On this episode of Video Vices with Contemporary Research, Brown explains why businesses need to think about how they distribute video, what the content is and how much time it’s taking their employees to manage it. Offering a simplified system can be easy and simple, and if done correctly it will just work with little maintenance.

Client needs and network challenges vary from case to case, so it’s important to find unique solutions that are simple and cost-effective. There’s a viable place for each solution, and a “right solution for every project,” Brown said.

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