DSE 2019: The Vital Signs Behind the Digital Signs


If DSE 2019 proved one thing last week it is that there is far more to digital signage than physical screens. The displays continue to get bigger, brighter and better, but there is far more to them than their pixel pitch nowadays.


As IoT continues to get more refined, digital signage technology will be a major beneficiary. The ability to connect devices within a space adds a new dynamic to any business’ environment. This change is also coming soon. Cisco Systems estimates 20 million devices will be connected through IoT by 2020.


Digital signage is no longer just about what a sign tells a customer. Today it has far more to say to business owners. Advanced analytics and data gathering is giving businesses new insights to customer behavior and trends previously only trackable by e-commerce vendors. This will improve the customer experience on a personalized case-by-case basis.

Augmented Reality

Signage that is not interactive is becoming obsolete. People are clamoring for devices that engage with them, much like their smart phones do. Creating an experience around digital signage is the next step for providers.

Mobility Connectivity

Knowing that just about everyone has a smart device in their pocket at all times, Pro AV providers have realized that connecting to these devices is another way to reach customers and interact with them. Brands are able to engage customers like never before.

Managed Services

Content is king. With the ubiquity of digital signage in the world today, what goes on it is as important as having it in the first place. Sticking out from the crowd of LED screens will depend on how gripping a business’ content is.

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