VuWall at InfoComm: The Innovations Driving Control Room Operations

May 31, 2023


In this video conversation with the Host of Pro AV Today, Ben Thomas, sits down with Anna Kozel, Vice President of Marketing at VuWall, to uncover the latest developments and trends in the Pro AV industry. From game-changing products to innovative demo centers, this conversation provides valuable insights into the direction the industry is heading and the opportunities it presents for control room operations.

The discussion kicks off with the spotlight on VuWall’s highly anticipated product launch: the PAK KVM. Designed to address a crucial gap in the industry, this new KVM technology allows PAK KVM operators in control rooms to collaborate directly from their personal KVM stations. Anna also introduces the Viewstream 350 KVM encoding decoding product, which facilitates seamless information sharing and interaction on video walls. By enabling operators to engage with the video wall and each other, VuWall fills a significant void in control room operations.

Insights and Trends

VuWall’s success story doesn’t stop there. Anna emphasizes the achievements of their previously launched product, the PAK video wall processing nodes. By leveraging the same hardware, VuWall simplifies network design and deployment, benefitting both integrators and end-users. This innovative approach streamlines the implementation process and enhances user experience. The industry is witnessing a shift towards more efficient and collaborative control room environments, and VuWall is at the forefront of driving this change.

Challenges and Opportunities

Ben raises the issue of limited accessibility to physical shows, and Anna shares VuWall’s solution: revamped demo centers and online demos. She invites listeners to explore their Montreal, German, and newly opened Atlanta facilities, showcasing the company’s commitment to reaching out to a global audience.

Innovations and Best Practices

Anna further discusses the online demo capabilities offered by VuWall, highlighting the improved experience with cameras and video walls. She emphasizes the importance of in-person visits to experience centers, providing opportunities for hands-on exploration and engagement with their cutting-edge solutions.

Closing Thoughts

As the episode concludes, it’s evident that VuWall is driving the future of pro-AV. The PAK KVM and Viewstream 350 KVM encoding decoding product redefine collaboration and information sharing in control rooms. With their streamlined deployment and commitment to accessible demos, VuWall sets the stage for a new era of enhanced control room experiences and improved efficiency in the Pro AV industry.

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