What is Trending In Pro AV at NRF 2019

NRF, New York City.

NRF 2019 kicked off this week, bringing with it many new and exciting innovations to the world’s largest gathering of retailers. An attendee can find just about anything retail-related at the event, including what’s hot and trending for professional audio-visual (AV) solutions for retail. Companies are showing off their best and brightest new products to help retailers attract shoppers to an in-store experience. While e-commerce continues to rise, in-store shopping isn’t fading. It’s being transformed with the help of technology.

22MILES Launches Carry2Mobile™

22MILES is a digital signage company that helps retailers create unique spaces through professional AV services, delivering interactive navigation, 4K video walls, dynamic retail signage, and mobile web to smartphone indoor positioning. Its new platform, Carry2Mobile, uses technology to transfer the messaging on digital screens to the shopper’s mobile device. This new way to view messaging empowers the user and has been shown to increase engagement. It fuels experiential and intuitive shopping that in turn delivers higher sales.

Elo Brings Touchscreen Power to NRF

Elo is a global leader in touchscreen displays and signage components, ranging in size from 10” to 70”. With versatile products, retailers can encourage interactivity on the store floor or at point-of-sale. With commercial-grade interactive displays, audiences are quickly captivated by the amazing content. At Elo, it’s all about the customer experience and creating an omnichannel strategy for omni-shoppers.

Samsung Helps Retailers Personalize Customer Experiences

Samsung is no stranger to retail environments, with a proven track record for producing top quality digital displays. At this year’s event, their focus is on showcasing innovations for the connected consumer and associate. The brand is highlighting its Nexshop solution, which offers cloud-based analytics and real-time behavioral sensing technology, enabling retailers to gain more insights through data collection.

What’s more, you can see exactly how it works—as the booth recreates the system used at the HARMAN NYC store. The platform detects customer traffic patterns through heatmap analysis and also measures dwell time and footfall. Having this information means the store can strategically place its staff in the busiest areas for maximum effectiveness.

Converge Retail Booth Features Kinetic Retail Display Platform

Converge Retail uses its platform to bring the versatility of online shopping to the in-store experience. Their approach doesn’t separate online and in-store customers but rather aims to merge the two.

At this year’s event, Converge Retail is sharing demo stations that include a large-scale concept of a Tesla auto-configurator, which shows the ability to personalize the car-shopping experience. They will also showcase an application for beauty and cosmetics with inline displays.

Axis Communications Assists Retailers with AV Security Solutions

Axis Communications brings its AV expertise at NRF 2019 with solutions for network video solutions, including cameras, encoders, and recorders. The use of AV applications for security is another way to improve the customer experience because it enhances security and safety. Every retailer must be on alert for activities on the sales floor that go way beyond identifying shoplifting. The Axis booth focuses on how the entire AV system works not only to record and monitor but also to provide analytical data.

With so many awe-inspiring revelations at this year’s NRF, retailers can easily experience something new in the AV realm. AV is certainly more than just screens and kiosks—it’s an opportunity to have a conversation with a customer, which leads to higher engagement and thus increased likelihood of purchases. Don’t miss these professional AV applications at this year’s NRF.

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