DSE 2018: Is In The Books

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Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2018 was held from March 27 to March 29 in Las Vegas. As always, the show was a huge success!

Featuring a wide range of professionals in the signage and interactive technology industries, DSE attendees gain experiences that are relevant and meaningful, including mentorship, project support and education.

DSE is widely regarded as a must-attend event in the industry, especially for those embarking on new projects and hoping to stay informed regarding signage innovation. From museums, restaurants, and stadiums, to healthcare, transportation and education, interactive technology occupies a burgeoning presence in almost every sector of our culture. DSE is now a hub of progress and networking in those communities.

These technologies are revolutionizing communication, both interpersonally and globally, and  also impacting the way we think. In such an influential industry, DSE provides a critical common ground and catalytic agent for professionals worldwide.

Tyler Campbell of Daktronics believes Digital Signage Expo is “unique in that it specializes in the new, obscure and future of our video business.” He is especially curious to see how the current NPP/UHD LED video trend will play out, and believes that DSE offers an exceptional platform to discuss such innovations and ask questions about what developments lie ahead.

Stephanie Gutnick, Vice President of Business Development for Broadsign, added that “from an ad-based (digital out-of-home) perspective, the industry has come a long way in terms of making our displays available for programmatic buying.” DSE offers the chance to explore these and other trends with like-minded professionals. She is always excited about connecting with  current Broadsign clients and the opportunity afforded by DSE to meet prospective clients . She argues that DSE creates “an ecosystem that relies on partnerships to create a positive, if not phenomenal, viewer experience.”

Digital Signage Expo features more than 200 exhibitors offering the latest, greatest and most innovative industry tools. Among the 2018 exhibitors are D3 in Booth 1351, Visix in Booth 2136, ComQi in Booth 2229 and Absen in Booth 1536.

With what DSE offers to signage and interactive technology professionals, this is a must-attend event for those in the industry with forward-thinking mindsets and hearts for innovation.

For more information, visit the Digital Signage Expo website.


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