On today’s Transportation Podcast, we speak with frequent guest Andy Martin, FAA Repair Manager for DuraCoatings, to learn about landing gear and component work on airplanes, a side of the industry that leaves no room for mistakes. We break down the ins and outs of working with manufacturer MRO groups (maintenance, repair, and operations) for major recognized brands such as Boeing and Goodrich, as well as the critical operations and testing that are applied to make sure that there are not any temperature issues or fatigue during processing.

The major goal, said Martin, is to produce work instructions that have exactly the correct directions and specs, and to make sure that your people on the shop floor follow those directions, which requires internal training and proper procedures that not only stand up to FAA and customer audits but to Martin’s high standards as well.

We also discuss the relevant certifications that can be obtained, including the AS9100 Rev D, the ISO 9001 2015, and the EASA. Getting a dual release certification is required for an increasing amount of customers in the United States. Martin highlights HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) coating and how it is changing the thermal spray repair and chrome plating processes to help reduce hydrogen embrittlement, which can reduce the chances of failure due to fatigue.

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