Breaking Out of the Post-Production Workflow Silo

As the adage goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, while this may apply to things like cars or dishwashers, sometimes there are better ways of doing things, and we simply can’t see them. In many industries, this aversion to change and communication is called a silo mentality, and in the production and post-production industries, this is most obvious when it comes to workflows.

Fear of Change & Unknown Potential

Every professional, no matter the industry, has a particular workflow. Creatives rely on specific tools and platforms which, over time, create creatures of habit who are loath to change their familiar flow. From a financial standpoint, there is also the risk factor. No CFO wants to get in trouble or worse, fired, for trying something new that doesn’t work out, costing their company thousands or even millions of dollars. Even tech companies, creators of cutting-edge technology, are afraid to implement new tech because of the perceived high risk of failure. For post-producers working on high-budget media projects, the stakes may seem even higher. In essence, many professional industries are frozen in time by the “fear factor” of change, unwilling to fix something that doesn’t seem broken.

This fear factor is present in the world of production and post-production but does not act alone in preventing improving processes. With so many new technology leaps, keeping up to date on all changes can be difficult, whereby many professionals are unaware of recent technological and software developments that allow for video files to be changed and manipulated without needing a brand-new render each time.

More Power and Efficiency = New Business Model

New technology typically leads companies to have to review their business model, re-allocating resources and investing in Technology. Although change is ultimately unstoppable preparing for this is normally a difficult path and has lead to the success as well as failure of many companies.

Cinedeck has tried to bring about this new change by fitting within existing environments ,therefore, minimizing financial investment but bringing giant leaps in time saving and workflow efficiencies. All of which allow existing resources to work more profitably.

Here is an instance where change is good and healthy, whereas workflow silos can lead to stagnation and a less efficient process. Insert Edit is a patent-pending tool from Cindedeck to edit and manipulate material in files that have already been exported rather than re-rendering for every new change. Cinedeck brings a dynamic new approach, offering game-changing Insert Edit technology that is highly disruptive to the vast majority of production and post-production workflow silos.

Success Through Education

Cinedeck is taking a two-pronged approach to breaking down post-production workflow silos, built on unknown and fear of change factors. We are investing in outreach and education to young editors who have no experience with InsertEdit, but who haven’t yet entered a workflow silo. Without years of an ingrained process, they are much more likely to see the empowering benefits of a faster, more efficient editing process that can save them hours or even days on their projects.

End-Users See Savings

On the other front, end-users are seeing the efficiency and cost saving benefits of InsertEdit. Much of cineXtools’ success has come not from postproduction professionals, but from end users and major studios like BBC, Showtime, and HBO. These media giants are keenly interested in the potential for Insert Edit technology to save them both time in the production process and money on editing hours.

There is a faster, more efficient option to the old, inefficient workflows that many post-production professionals continue to use. It just takes a bit of courage, and a genuinely better alternative, to break out of the silo. For more information about Cinedeck’s game-changing InsertEdit process, visit


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