Open Source Call Recording for a Comcast World


Comcast Business VoiceEdge customers often have dynamic needs for their respective businesses, but one common challenge is a lack of a recorded voice solution for both compliance and quality control measures. On this episode of the Software and Technology Podcast, host Tyler Kern sat down with Tim Kunkel, sales executive for OrecX, to discuss why the market is in need of an open source recording platform, and why OrecX’s has seen so much success.

“Recording is definitely a trend on the rise and an important part of how customers approach customer service,” Kunkel said, explaining how customer service departments use such recordings for quality assurance.

On-demand recording is especially important for PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, a stringent set of requirements for handling sensitive customer information such as credit card numbers.

“The ability to control your own data that’s collected is a valuable asset for businesses to analyze, and then react and respond to,” Kunkel said.

He said a typical OrecX deployment takes 30 minutes or less to download and install, the sort of speed and ease that Kunkel said has resonated with business customers looking for a compatible solution for Business VoiceEdge.

“The reason we have success in pairing our solution goes back to our core values at OrecX, being an open source company,” Kunkel said. “Our openness and flexibility allow us to adapt to almost any telephony environment and that creates peace of mind for our customers looking for a compatible and reliable recording application.”

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