With classrooms, dorms, libraries, dining halls, faculty offices and more spreading across sprawling grounds, large college campuses can be a struggle to navigate. Hitting the streets by car, on foot, via ride share or buses present their own unique challenges. From pedestrian traffic to construction, to untimely bus schedules and other vehicles jamming up roadways, each day, busy students and faculty members face many obstacles as they travel from one side of the campus to the other. Once they’ve arrived at their destination, parking presents a whole different set of problems.

If only there were a solution that could transcend these campus hurdles, offering a convenient, quick, and eco-friendly method of journeying from classes to meetings and from dorm to dinner… Enter the Scooter Share Program Powered by Segway.

Shareable, rideable electric transportation from Segway is powering the future of mobility on campuses. Using a Campus Mobile App to scan and unlock scooters with no pre-planning necessary, the Scooter Share Program Powered by Segway provides students and faculty fun, sustainable personal mobility, allowing them to bypass congested roads, cumbersome construction, and lagging walking traffic. Best of all, scooters powered by Segway run quiet and clean, offering last mile commutes across busy campuses for just pennies a day.

Get your campus educated on the Scooter Sharing Program Powered by Segway by watching our video and learning more at poweredby.segway.com today.