Talkin’ Shop: Curbing Evaporative Emissions Through Design Innovation

July 3, 2019


Emissions remain a point of concern for products that utilize fossil fuels. OE manufacturers of vehicles and outdoor power equipment are all looking for ways to reduce the carbon output of their products as they simultaneously improve product efficiency.

On today’s episode of Talkin’ Shop by Walbro, channel marketing director Bob McCue returns to the podcast for a conversation on how the design of the company’s latest fuel pump helps curb evaporative emissions.

According to McCue, when it comes to evaporative emissions of small engines, 31% originate at the fuel tank, 29% from the pump, and 40% from the carburetor. OEM’s have total emissions standards that they must meet, so improvements to any of those three items are welcome.

That’s where Walbro’s newly engineered FPF fuel pump comes in. The innovative redesign replaces the nuts and bolts of the previous model with ultrasonic welds that create a better seal and helps prevent evaporative emissions from escaping the device.

While OEM’s will no doubt appreciate how the fuel pump assists in meeting the required standards, McCue pointed out that “the actual goal was to make it better with the ethanol content” found in today’s blended gasoline. “We want to make it failsafe so when the consumer buys E15 fuel, they’re not causing damage to their product.”

McCue went on to reveal that the device also has a QR code that can be used to help troubleshoot problems. It’s just another innovation that places Walboro in an industry leadership position. “We’re giving customers what they don’t even know they need.”

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