Deanna Shukis, M.S., CT(ASCP) says

The importance of labs in healthcare is vital. Lab work helps clinicians understand and diagnose patients, and for labs to work smoothly and give feedback that can potentially change lives, they need quality software. Today, we’re joined by Deanna Shukis, M.S., CT(ASCP), senior application and implementation specialist for Psyche Systems, a company that creates lab information systems (LIS) that enable pathologists, physicians, and medical labs to streamline the delivery of vital medical results.

Shukis, a former cytotechnologist, talks with us today about the concept, “Life is a Case,” examining the real end results when it comes to improving a patient’s health or even saving a life.

Though the lab is very clinical, Shukis shared that what happens in the lab isn’t about numbers on a barcode. “There is actually a lot of humanization in the lab. Yes, there are just numbers and data on the specimens, but ultimately, those in the lab know that this specimen is a person, a human life, and what happens with the results will impact their life,” she said.

“The ‘Life of a Case’ diagram follows all the steps needed from ordering, collecting, transporting, and analysis. The ‘case’ follows steps, and each step must be completed successfully to move forward. It’s about checks and balances to meet regulatory compliance but also the perspective of care and concern because these results could possibly change patient’s life,” Shukis said.

Deanna also talked about the software the Psyche team developed about six years ago to meet the needs of a changing industry. “The industry was evolving, especially with the need for molecular diagnostic components, which were missing. We met with clients and did much research internally to develop something that addressed not only molecular diagnostic components but also more areas like DNA sequencing and toxicology,” she said.

“The new software also enables versatility for all lab operations. Previously, different labs would do their analysis and prepare a report for the physician, so then he or she may have had multiple reports to understand the results. Our software covers all areas and creates a comprehensive report for doctors so they can then develop a plan for the patient’s future.”

Find out more about how Psyche developed the software and is playing a focused role in patient care by listening to the podcast.

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