January 10, 2019

Humidity and moisture in a greenhouse or interior grow facility are essential for plants to grow. While greenhouse growers highly debate the ideal temperature and the specific humidity levels to achieve a successful crop, the majority of these same growers agree on several factors.

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LabDash: Fast-Tracking COVID-19 Testing
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COVID-19 tests have become such an integral part of life today that many people don’t stop to think about the laboratory technicians working behind the scenes to deliver results efficiently and accurately. However, these diligent people still face issues in their day-to-day work. LabDash aims to solve many, if not all, of them with its…

Common Misconceptions in Cash Management
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The term “cash management” is a loaded one. For one, just the word “cash,” alone, has taken on a different connotation in the modern world of credit cards and contactless pay. However, a business’s cash management strategy is one of the most important aspects of running a secure, efficient and profitable organization – and cash…

Jim Christensen said
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For most of us reading this, it’s been a minute since we’ve attended middle school. Naturally, you’d imagine the textbooks currently in use have been updated over the years. This is not always the case. In today’s episode of the EdTech podcast, Jim Christensen, executive director of the ShareSpace Foundation, explained what’s changed and…