When it comes time to selecting an LED video wall or screen rental for your event, if you’re not an AV expert, the options can be overwhelming. Although understanding and interpreting industry jargon can be a challenge, educating yourself on the specifications and configurations of different display technologies will help you make the best decision for your unique event and space. As you peruse the options, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Assess How You Will Use the Display

The first thing to consider is how large your venue is. This will help determine not only how large your screen should be, but also what resolution is required. For example, if the LED screen is to be the centerpiece of your event, displaying professionally shot videos of your latest product or service, you’ll want a sizeable screen with excellent resolution. If, instead, you’ll simply be scattering a number of LED screens around the room to display an agenda or menu items, smaller, more economical displays may do the job nicely for significantly less money. Next, consider how far your audience will be positioned from the screen. Generally speaking, the closer the viewer, the higher resolution you’ll need to deliver a clear image. Finally, determine whether your LED display will be used indoors or outdoors. Outdoor screens are generally more expensive because they’re engineered to withstand extreme temperature and humidity while offering much higher brightness levels.

Finding an LED Display to Meet Your Needs

In determining the screen size needed, a good rule of thumb is that for 500 viewers or more, you should choose a screen that is at least 17’ wide. Next, choose the resolution—measured in pixel pitch—based on how far away the screen’s viewers will be. Pixel pitch is simply the distance from the center of one LED pixel to the center of the next pixel, measured in millimeters. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution. As a general rule, the optimal viewing distance is 1 yard for each millimeter of pixel pitch, so the best place to look at a 10mm video wall is from 10 yards away. Finally, consider how your screen will be mounted and configured. Modular units come in smaller LED tiles that are assembled on-site using trussing, so they can be fully customized for the space. Mobile screens, on the other hand, are prebuilt and attached to a vehicle or other means of transportation. This makes them cost effective and quick to set up, but their use may be limited by space considerations.

An Expert Can Help You Choose the Right LED Screen for Your Event

With so many different resolutions, screen sizes, and options, the most important step you can take is to work with an LED expert. When you partner with an experienced multimedia firm like PixelFLEX, you’ll get amazing service and guidance throughout the entire rental process. PixelFLEX is a full-service LED solutions provider that facilitates client creativity through collaboration, ensuring that LED screens work as intended, and visions become reality.

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