Keep Moving Forward: Why a Tire Management Program Is Crucial to Small Fleets

After all, when you are relying on a single vehicle to make sure your day-to-day operations run smoothly, you can’t afford to have that truck out of commission. By developing a tire management plan, you not only save money but can avoid en route hassles while laying the groundwork for expansion down the line.

A Key Strategy, No Matter the Size

The primary advantage large fleets have when it comes to tire maintenance is that they can afford to have a large stockpile of tires on hand that can be easily swapped out as worn tires are retreaded. For smaller businesses, however, this simply isn’t economically feasible. But neither is letting a truck sit idle while tires are retreaded. Bauer Built, a top provider of commercial, fleet, retail tire and wheel reconditioning products and services, offers an alternative—an innovative stock retread replacement tire program ideally suited for smaller fleets and single-vehicle businesses that can deliver increased casing life, fuel efficiency and improved asset accountability.

“This program provides smaller fleets with all the benefits of a large stock tire inventory without the capital outlay of building it up themselves,” said Mike Weber, VP of Manufacturing. “With stock casings available, companies can easily select the same tread from Bauer’s retread stock so that a completed tire can be delivered without delay.” Further, Bauer Built employs superior Michelin Retread Technologies, ensuring rigorous product testing, providing customers with the peace of mind that the tires they receive are up for any challenge.

A History of Building Success

Regardless of whether you rely on 1 truck or are running a 15-truck fleet and looking for a way to reduce operational costs so you can make a push to expand, Bauer Built’s tire management programs are key to ensuring your trucks stay on the road no matter what comes at them. For more than 75 years, truck owners and operators have trusted Bauer Built to handle their tire and service needs. Whether you need mobile service on the road or in-bay maintenance at one of their many service centers across the Midwest, Bauer Built can do everything from mounting and dismounting tires, delivering tires already mounted on wheel assemblies, or simply providing routine maintenance checks. With a customer-focused approach, Bauer Built is an industry leader in offering high-quality retreads at a price that fits any budget.

A Plan That Works For You

While a tire maintenance program may seem financially excessive for a smaller business, it’s certainly more affordable than being stuck on the side of the road with no viable option. Bauer Built understands the pressures facing small fleets, and they work hard to make sure their program meets your needs while reducing downtime and expenses. To learn more about Bauer Built’s full-service maintenance options, or to speak with a representative about developing a tire maintenance program that works for you, visit today!

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