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In the last decade, the retail industry has had to be limber, adaptable, and resilient as online retail has grown to an epic level. Brick-and-mortar stores have shifted their focus to providing customers with a delightful, efficient experience– one that cannot be replicated online.

The room for error or issue in this shopping experience is slim, putting pressure on associates and even more pressure on higher-ups to develop a seamless workflow from top to bottom. Giving his perspective on today’s podcast episode, breaking down the importance of managing workflow in the retail space, is Doug Spiron, senior vice president of ThinkTime, LLC, a workflow management software.

Spiron emphasized that technology has become more critical in the workplace than ever before, particularly in task management. With the convenience of e-commerce making brick-and-mortar less of a necessity to sell product, customers are now coming to the store for a second-to-none experience.

Disorganization, lack of product and overall passivity from associates no longer flies, because it leads to a poor experience for the end-user. The associates in store, fewer than in previous years, are looking for a personalized management experience, too, meaning they seek authentic, individualized answers to their issues rather than a scripted response from corporate headquarters.

With only 33% of associates in retail believing they have the tools they need to do their job, it is increasingly crucial to empower employees with a solution to their needs in real-time on the floor.

Spiron points to ThinkTime as an example of a solution that meets all the task management needs of today’s retailer. It connects associates, in actual time, with a party that’s been designated to solve that task, providing support in a personalized way.

At the root of ThinkTime management software is the desire to help the associate work productively. Using technology, connection, and personalization, ThinkTime gives retail workers the tools they need to get work done and keep the focus on creating an excellent shopping experience for the customer.

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